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QCDx addresses the unmet need to detect and isolate intact and live, the very rare Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) while analyzing all nucleated cells in a blood sample.

When a biopsy is not an option, these cells can offer real-time information on the disease biology at the time when the blood sample was collected. They reveal molecular targets that the treating physician can use to optimize therapy. In cancer research and the pharmaceutical industry, they can enable the development of novel therapeutics. Also, they may be useful for testing the effect of drugs before they are given to the patient.

The RareScope™ Rare Cell Detection

ENRICHMENT-FREE rare cell detection and deep characterization. 

INTACT CELL visualization in a life-sustaining 3D suspension

LIVE CELL visualization over long periods of time

SINGLE CELL isolation - intact and live 

3D-CULTURE of cells under continual visualization



They are visualized via a 3-D tomographic method after staining with fluorescent markers.


The RarePrep™ fixture holds more

than 15 million cells immobilized in

life-sustaining hydrogel.


The RareScope analyzes cells from the patient’s blood, without the need of a microscopy slide.


Cells remain morphologically intact.

Selected cells will be isolated with the RarePicker™ micro-manipulator, intact or live for downstream molecular analyses. 

The RareVivo™ specimen chamber is designed as a continuous 3-D culture environment for the cell suspension. Flow-through media maintain cells viable and deliver bioactive substances to the immobilized cell population, while continually visualized. By observing the effect of bioactive substances on target cells, the instrument can be used to evaluate their beneficial action and/or undesired toxicity.

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