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QCDx Announces Sale of the RareScope to the Carole and Ray Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center at UConn Health for Use in Clinical Research

"The RareScope can detect and isolate intact and live Circulating Tumor Cells from a blood sample of a cancer patient after analyzing every single nucleated cell,” said Dr. Pramod K. Srivastava PhD MD, Director of the Carole and Ray Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center at UConn Health and a world authority in cancer immunology. “We intend to use the ability of the RareScope to obtain a deep look into the genomes of cancer cells in patients undergoing standard-of-care and experimental treatments"

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Dr. George Church becomes QCDx Lead Scientific Advisor

We are honored to have Dr.  George Church, an illustrious colleague join QCDx LLC as the Lead Scientific Advisor. His multidisciplinary expertise in the interface of biology and technology including in robotic microscopy, in vitro pathologic development and lineage phylogenetics will provide an enormous boost for bringing our technology to the cancer patient’s bedside.

Dr. Church, a Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, and Professor of Health Sciences and Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School, is a pioneer of genome engineering, DNA sequencing and synthetic biology. 

UConn Institutional Review Board approves breast cancer diagnostic study

QCDx and the UConn Carole & Ray Neag Cancer Center with Dr. Susan Tannenbaum Principal Investigator, received approval by the UConn IRB of the prospective breast cancer diagnostic clinical study "Determination of the Potential Clinical Utility of the QCD:x-br™ Liquid Biopsy Technology to Optimize Treatment Options for Breast Cancer Patients". The study is scheduled to enroll 30 early stage and 30 metastatic patients.

For each patient, repeated blood samples will be collected during and after treatment. The goal is to assess correlations between enumerated CTCs of different phenotypes and the disease status. Detection will be done with the RareScope after fluorescence immunostaining for epithelial and mesenchymal CTC markers as well as markers related to hormone or targeted treatment. Available biopsied tissue will be analyzed by next generation sequencing offered commercially by Tempus Laboratories (Chicago, IL). The study is co-sponsored by the CT Breast Health Initiative.

Dr. Susan Tannenbaum MD becomes QCDx Medical Oncology Advisor

Dr., Tannenabum is joining QCDx to provide leading Medical Oncology expertise and guide development of clinical diagnostic assays utilizing the RareScope technology platform. 

Continuing the development of the RareScope platform, QCDx will assess clinical validity for the detection of CTCs in the blood of cancer patients. Working with Dr. Tannenbaum and her Team at the UConn Carol & Ray Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center, QCDx will conduct a validation study with breast cancer patients. Dr. Tannenbaum will be the Principal Investigator, aiming to show clinical validity and potentially clinical utility of the RareScope to optimize treatment options for breast cancer patients.

Dr. Tannenbaum will advise QCDx on other clinical validation projects aiming to show the RareScope value for applications in other cancers and cancer research programs.

Sir Walter Bodmer FRS, HonFRSE, FMedSci will be QCDx Mentor and Advisor for the development of RareScope applications

Sir Walter is a long-term Scientific Mentor for QCDx’s founders. He is joining QCDx as our Scientific Advisor with his vast experience and decades of research in the fundamental genetics and biology of colorectal cancer (CRC) and their potential applications.

Sir Walter has made major contributions to the study of the genetics of human populations, gene mapping and cancer genetics and to our understanding of the human tissue typing system. He has served as a Professor at the University of Cambridge UK, Stanford University CA and University of Oxford UK. He has been Director of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, UK for He is currently Head of the Cancer and Immunogenetics Laboratory, MRC WIMM, Department of Oncology, Medical Sciences Division, Oxford University, UK.